4-29-2003 Day 46 (Tuesday)

 Robbie is looking much better today. He has a bad sinus infection that is being treated with antibiotics. He got a spinal tap to see if any of the sinus infection was mixing with his spinal fluid and causing meningitis. The spinal tap came back clear which means he does not have meningitis. All his other blood works show real improvement. They are giving him a chance to get over the infections and to get really stabilized before transferring him back across the street. He is starting to make some really funny faces when his mom puts Chap Stick on him or wipes his face with a washcloth. It is very entertaining to watch.      

John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell



Resting in his New New Home

Finally a shot with his eyes open... 

You can also see where the bone flap is removed from his head




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