Not much to report on today which we think is very good. Today has been a stable day for Robbie. This morning when we got to the hospital we found Robbie had a very stable night last night too. His oxygen level was back up to 100% and stayed between 97% to 100% all day today. He is looking much better than yesterday after his surgery. They started taking him off the drugs and allowing him to wake up a little at 9AM. It takes some time to wake up and by 8:00 pm he still wasn’t all the way off the Dopamine. The only signs we saw were a little twitch from his left leg and his pupils were showing some signs too. We are very encouraged he will be back with us. He was starting to show some signs of phenmonia which they say is normal for his condition. Just another battle to be fought on the long road. Allanah is still with us too and hanging in there. Both of them have an uphill battle. The whole staff at Parkland have been superb and outstanding to us.

 These email have allowed us some breathing room so we are going to make it short and get some much needed rest tonight. We hope tomorrow will bring even better news about their conditions.

 We want to thank everyone for your thoughts and well wishes and we will keep you posted.

Good Night,

John and Marleen     


Marleen and Karen Waiting outside of the ICU 


The pins and brace splinting right leg so it may heal 

Many tubes to keep him alive


Here you can see his amputated left leg

Another picture of the pins and brace





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