12-31-2003, Day 285, Week 40 (Wednesday)

Happy New Year to Everyone,

 This year is finally coming to an end. Marleen and I are celebrating tonight by giving Robbie his meds at 0700PM, 0800PM, 0900PM and 1100PM. Somewhere in between we will also bath and change him. We are really celebrating that he is still here and there is hope for him in the coming years.

 Now, to catch you up on the last couple of weeks events.

 On the 19th of December Robbie’s doctor (Dr Moon) got the cultures back for the urine infection. He changed Robbie’s antibiotics so they could better assault the infection. The new antibiotics had to be given by a shot to the muscle group. What that means is an injection with an inch and a half needle to the leg. We called our next-door neighbor (who is a registered nurse) to show us how to give the shot. She came over and gave Robbie the shot instructing us on how to do it. That was at 0900pm on Friday night. At 0900am Saturday morning Robbie needed another shot… Marleen and I drew straws to see who would give him his shot…. As luck would have it Marleen lost… (Good for Me). I have to tell you she gave that shot like a pro. We then started to clean him up when his stomach tube came out. Marleen asked me what  we should do about it. I told her maybe we should put it in some peroxide and water and stick it back in. She questioned me on this so we waited for the home heath nurse who soon arrived. She said it was above her level so I called the doctor and he told us to take Robbie to the ER to have them put it back in. He said he would call the ER and let them know we were coming. He also order a PICC line to be put in too… (this line is like an IV, only a little deeper…).  He said we could give Robbie his antibiotics through this line without having to give him shots. We agreed to the placement of the line with much relief since he had 18 more shots to go. In the ER an IV nurse with assistant put the PICC line in while Marleen and I went to lunch…. (Actually they told us to get lost for 40 minutes). When we got back the PICC line was in. They then took Robbie down to radiology where they put his stomach tube back in (It takes a radiologist to put it back in…. Well Duh… I didn’t know). The PICC line takes some extra precautions when using it to keep it clean and free or blood clotting it up…. it is better than the shots for us and Robbie. That was how we spent our day on Saturday the 20th of December.

 Monday the 22st of December at 0800pm Robbie had a seizure that lasted for 3 minutes. Marleen was giving him his medication when the seizure started. She hurried his meds and kept him from injuring himself. During the seizure she called 911 and had him taken to the ER again. I was driving home from work when our neighbor called me. I met them at the ER. It came back that Robbie’s anti-seizure medicine level was low. He was admitted to the hospital for observation and finally released the morning of the 24th (We thought he was going to spend Christmas in the Hospital). I had to work Christmas day so Marleen brought Robbie out to my work so we could be together. Karen was in Omaha visiting her Fiancée.

Today was the last day for Robbie’s antibiotics and on Friday he will have a blood and urine test to see if the infection is still there and his levels are OK. If they are then his PICC line will be taken out. He keeps us busy but it is worth it.

We are working on updating Robbie’s web pages and should have it updated sometime next year…. I told Marleen my New Year’s resolution is to keep up with the pages…. Hey by tomorrow I will have broken that one….

Again Happy New Year 2004…..  (if you had your calendar you would know what day it was tomorrow)….       

John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell

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Saturday December 20, 2003

Back to the emergency room to get a new feeding tube 

If you look you can see the picc line in my arm 

and my new feeding tube in my stomach 

 Now back to the emergency room to be released

 Bath and wound care time again

Monday December 22, 2003

Getting a ct scan to check for seizure activity

 and getting admitted to the hospital agian for a day

Thursday December 25, 2003

Mom and I are watching dad land his helicopter on Christmas day

We're spending the afternoon with dad since he is working  

Sunday December 28, 2003

See how much better my wounds are getting



Alright mom leave my face alone

some of my best friends stopped by to spend some time with me

 Happy New Year to all.....!!!!




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