These Pictures are from October 1st to October 7 while Robbie was in Zale Lipshy Hospital for evaluation of possible fluid under his scalp and on top of the plate that was put in. It was discovered on a CAT scan. It went away on it's own... While at Zale they also took off the external fixator with the pins that were in his leg. Robbie got a new cast on his leg.... but not for long.    

Wednesday October 1, 2003

Robbie with his cast and a few signatures......

Thursday October 2, 2003

The cast looks good here.. better than the pins......

Friday October 3, 2003

Sitting up in the Cardiac Chair....                   What a Face...            

Saturday October 4, 2003

Getting a drink of water from a straw......




 Monday October 6, 2003

We got to thinking that maybe a baby bottle would be better to give him water...

 it was worth a try... and works well

Tuesday October 7, 2003

Robbie's cast was taken off yesterday.

It opened up those wounds on the top of his leg and under his knee.

These pictures show the damage under his knee... caused by the cast... YUCK! 

 Have to trim some of that nasty old skin away

 and getting fitted to a custom made splint




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