Pictures from 11-20-2003 to 12-12-2003


Thursday November 20, 2003

Look at the new skin forming on my wounds

 Hope I'm not here for long this time

Sunday November 23, 2003

Still getting new skin forming

 I'll really be glad to get this infection under control cause 

it's very uncomfortable


 I get to go back home today 

 It's good to get dressed to go home

Thank you to everyone who helped me while here 

 On our way home now yea

 Dad is bringing my chariot for the ride home

 I'm back again

Monday November 24, 2003

Looks like I'm eating a lollipop, I wish...

Actually it's a sponge on a stick for my swish and swallow

Saturday November 29, 2003

Mom taking care of my wounds

Taking measurements to check the progress  

Monday December 1, 2003

Getting my bath starting from the top of my head

Clear down to the bottom of my foot 

 Time for the fresh bandages now that I'm all clean

Friday December 5, 2003

Getting ready for Christmas... see I'll be Santa's helper 

 Wishing all of you great Holiday Season

 Robbie, John, Marleen, Karen and Tipsy

Friday December 12, 2003

Ouch, Rubbed against the seat of my wheel chair




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