10-25-2003, Day 225, Week 32 (Saturday)

 Hello Everyone,

 It is another beautiful day here in Planoland. We are sitting outside with Robbie in his wheelchair. The sun is shinning with a few clouds in the sky. I would guess the temperature is around 70 degrees…. Very nice for October…. A few days after Robbie was admitted back into Plano Specialty Hospital it was discovered his pneumonia in his lower left lung had returned. After receiving a 10-day round of antibiotics they tell us he is over it. Now his cultures are showing an increase in bacteria so they have him on another round of different antibiotics to clear that up before it develops into something. The wounds on his right leg (caused by the cast) are healing very nicely thanks to the excellent wound care department. In about ten to fourteen days they will probably discharge Robbie and we are preparing to bring him home at that time. It is amazing the equipment that will be required to treat for him at home. We are in the midst of trying to determine and order what equipment we will need. His wheel chair has been ordered and should be here next week. He will also need a hospital bed with a rotating mattress, a lift to help Marleen when she is alone, a shower chair to bath him, respiratory equipment to keep his lungs clear. This has kept us very busy talking to the sales people and trying to decide which equipment is best to do the job…. Just when we thought it might slow down to a routine it seems time is just gobbled up by other requirements.

Still hanging in there and keeping a positive attitude as each day it does get a little bit better….

With Love to You All,

John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell

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Saturday October 11, 2003

Robbie's Stump opened up again..... here the wound care people

 are doing a pressure water treatment to keep it clean and to help it heal. 

This gun shoots water at the wound then recovers the water.

The wound site on top of his leg where his bone originally came out..

Notice the pin sites that are healing.

The wound on his Stump that reopened

Sunday October 12, 2003

Resting in their Cardiac Chair... Couldn't find a wheelchair for him.

   Monday October 13, 2003                                 Tuesday October 14, 2003

Friday October 17, 2003

Marleen playing on her computer while sitting with Robbie 

Robbie trying out to see if this is a good Halloween mask.

Monday October 20, 2003

Tuesday October 21, 2003

Friday October 24, 2003

Saturday October 25, 2003

enjoying the outdoor fresh air, and sunshine.

OK they wont let me stay in the sunshine to long, 

So back into the shade I go. 




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