03-25-2003 Day 11

 Today they took Robbie off the sedation and paralyzing medications. He is over breathing again. He also responded to pain which they inflicted by a needle in his foot. He is also showing some gag reflexes or convulsions… We are viewing this as a good sign. Allanah is not doing very good so please keep directing the energy towards her.

 On another note Robbie does have benefits from his work such as medical, short and long term disability, Ad and D plus a 401k…. Now here is something that I learned that everyone needs to take in account….. I can hardly do much for him since he is 26. I have found out that I may be able to get a Power of Attorney from the Hospital Admin office to help take care of some his affairs. I am going to ask my daughter for a Power of Attorney so in case something like this happens (and I hope it never does) I will be prepared. Just something I learned here and hope to pass along………

 We Love You All,

 John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell

03-26-2003 Day 12

 Robbie showed even more promising signs today. He was breaking his fever and sweating like crazy. When the nurses tried to start another IV line he was moving his arm to the pain of the needle (He does not like to be stuck). Upon taking out his central line he moved his shoulder as to say cut it out. Both eyelids are blinking and twitching and it looks like he was trying to open his eyes at times. He is coughing a few times which takes effort against the ventilator. The neurosurgeons said his CatScans still look good and it may take him time to wake up. He looks like things are getting better slowly. Allanah is still hanging in their too…… again it is just day by day. Please keep directing your energy towards her.

 I read all of the emails that are sent and I want to thank everyone for them. I hope you understand that there isn’t enough time to personally answer each one but we will do that at a time when everything is under control.

 With all our Love,

 John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell


03-27-2003 Day 13

  Today was a great for us.  We were trying to wake Robbie up by asking him to open his eyes for us and he slowly opened his eyes. It was a great sight to see. They opened slowly about half way and stayed that way for about 30 seconds before he slowly closed them. We had him do it a few more times just to see if he could and he did. I don’t think he was seeing clearly though. At one of the times when he had them opened he also had some side movement back and forth as to maybe trying to look around. He is also reacting to pain… When they changed the dressing on his left leg he sat up a little and opened his eyes then closed them as to say: Hey man that hurts…. You got my attention! His breathing and heartbeat also showed signs he was listening to us. When Marleen would come into the room and talked to him it would increase…. Then we could tell him to take big relaxing breaths and it would slow down. He also coughed much more today which would make his whole body tense up. They had to put him on sedation towards the end on the day to control his over breathing and to let him calm down to rest.

  Tomorrow he is going into surgery to have a tracheotomy, external feeding tube into the stomach, a small feeding tube through his nose and to have his left leg amputated above his knee (This is the same leg that was amputated in the accident and in order clean it up right the knee will have to be removed as the knee was badly damaged). We don’t know what time this operation will be preformed tomorrow so if you had plans to visit please wait until another day as it will be a big day for Robbie and Us.

  Allanah is still hanging in there but it is still touch and go for her. I am sorry I haven’t gotten into the detail of her condition like I have done for Robbie….. but I am sure you can understand the reason I haven’t…… for it is out of respect for her and her family.

   We and Allanah’s Parents want to Thank You for your well wishes and prayers for Robbie and Allanah, 

John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell


Wow mom look at all those tubes!

Waiting outside the ICU at Parkland....... trying to get some rest





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