11-08-2003, Day 239, Week 34 (Saturday)


 Robbie finally came home Wednesday from his almost 8 month stay in the area hospitals. It is very good to have him home. It has been a really hectic two weeks for us all to try and get everything here ready for him. We now have a hospital room in the house complete with all the equipment needed for his condition. We are starting to get into a routine to care for him and he looks very comfortable at home. Marleen has learned to care for his wounds on his leg and stump and has been doing a real good job. The wounds are healing great. We also have a home nurse that has been coming by every morning to check on Robbie and to help train Marleen. Now we put Robbie in his wheel chair and go for walks around the block. We plan on increasing the distance as time goes by. Robbie is now resting very comfortably in his bed.

Please feel free to drop by and visit with Robbie and us anytime between noon and 8pm. We enjoy the company and sure Robbie will too.

Again our address is:

2200 Tree House Lane

Plano, Tx 75023

Love to You All,

John, Marleen and Karen Grinnell

Just click on the link below for his web page:



Wednesday November 5, 2003 

The Ambulance crew is here to take Robbie Home

        Breaking loose from Plano Specialty... Bye         

                      Home... Am I really going home                      

 Yea..... I'm Home

Thursday November 6, 2003 

 Getting a routine started 

Here's Jasmine, she is my home health care nurse who helps mom 

Giving my wounds a little air to breathe 

 It's so good to finally be home again

 Going for a walk with mom and dad

Mom and dad think it's cold out here 

but it's not to me it's a nice temp out here  

 See mom still thinks it's cold

Friday November 7, 2003 

Going for my first ride in my chariot 

 Hey it is easy to get into the van with my chair, watch me

 Getting some help from dad

 Going to see Dr Moon it's been a long time since I've seen him,

he needs to assess me and what my needs are.




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